Our Commitment to Heritage

Photo By: KYHS

Photo By: KYHS

Antique River Logs® honors the spirit and bounty of America’s rivers. We acknowledge the lumbermen who harvested, labored and sacrificed – often with their lives – to bring these timbers from the Old Growth Forest to the water’s edge to await the rains. We respect the rafters who navigated high, dangerous waters on the journey down river to sawmills, who spent nights, weeks and often months away from loved ones.

Consider how many of today’s antiques were crafted from logs that journeyed untold miles down an American river.  We approach this history with admiration and reverence. Antique River Logs® completes the journey along side the loggers and rafters of the past to deliver heirloom quality, limited Old Growth Forest wood products to your home and business.

This is the story of remarkable timbers, resting on river bottoms, preserved by deep, cold water, and a lack of oxygen and light.

A Five Generation River Family

The Joiner family has been navigating Kentucky rivers for five generations.

Great great-grandfather, William Perry Joiner, was the captain of a steamboat.

Great-grandfather, Commodore Joiner, piloted a ferry.

Grandfather, Cecil Joiner, ran a snag boat and mail carrier.

Father, Captain Bill Joiner, served fifty-three years as a towboat captain.

Today, the fifth generation river-man, William Joiner, explores treasure below the waterline.

Commodore & Family with Cecil Standing in the rear. 

Photo By: Kelly Lee Flora 

Photo By: Kelly Lee Flora 

Completion of a Lost Harvest – Today’s Treasure

Photo By:   Kelly Lee Flora 

Photo By: Kelly Lee Flora 

Two centuries have passed since these logs broke loose from their rafts and sank to become a marriage of water, wood, and minerals.

Now each Mineral Infused log holds its “one of a kind” fingerprint.

Antique River Logs® reclaims rare virgin timber with highly dense growth rings, 3-5 times more per inch than new growth. This is one of the many features that make our Antique River Logs® Old Growth Forest materials the number one choice for architects, designers, and craftsman.

Wood products crafted from river-reclaimed logs have a unique color range and variety of characteristics. The under water environment creates a unique palate of colors and patina. The infusion of minerals from the river enhances their luster and beauty.

Antique River Logs® river-reclaimed wood is an exquisite, environmentally sustainable, and exclusive product with an extraordinary story.

Commitment to the Environment

Photo By:   Kelly Lee Flora 

Photo By: Kelly Lee Flora 

The creation of Antique River Logs® was a response to today’s environmental challenges and needs. How we engage the use of any precious resource without depleting it for future generations is an essential question for us all. 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”
— Margaret Mead

Reclaiming these lost timbers from the 18th century makes a small but significant contribution that curtails deforestation and logging emissions. It recycles precious materials and completes an amazing journey of more than 200 years.

By partnering with local and state fish and game officials, Antique River Logs® works diligently to bring this extraordinary wood to you using the most eco-friendly methods and leaving the smallest environmental footprint.

Our business model is dedicated to an atmosphere of relationship over profit, commitment over convenience, and the long view of sustainability over immediate gains.

Photo By:   Kelly Lee Flora 

Photo By: Kelly Lee Flora 

Thank you for allowing us to share the Antique River Logs® Story.

— William Joiner