Antique River Logs® Architectural Veneer


Antique River Logs® is one of the only FSC MIX certified aqua reclaimed veneer in America.

Antique River Logs® veneer is sliced from axe cut or buck-sawn aqua reclaimed timbers. These logs were floated down rivers to sawmills during the great American logging boom of the last two centuries. Like the aging of a fine wine, these timbers have been resting on the river bottom, leaving a unique, mineral infused signature that results in a extraordinary palette of colors.

Using Antique River Logs® veneer from the Old Growth Forest enhances a commitment to a conscientious building model and a sustainable future.  River-reclaimed veneer represents an eco-friendly material that increases the long-term well-being and health of our planet and its inhabitants.

We have collaborated with veneer specialist Ben McGuire, an independent representative with 45 years experience in the wood veneer industry. He oversees all production for quality, consistency, and Leeds or FSC requirements.

For architectural consultations and sales, please contact William Joiner or Ben McGuire.

Specialty Veneer

  1. American Chestnut


  1. Goodyear World Head Quarters