ANTIQUE RIVER LOGS® GREEN RIVER COLLECTION will evolve around stories, people and places of a 348 mile-long tributary of the Ohio River rising in Lincoln County in south-central Kentucky. The Green River. Evansville saw mills in Indiana on the Ohio River, in 1898 was claimed to be the largest hardwood manufacturing center in the world. Logs cut in July on the Green River dried until winter, then pinned together with the raft pins and floated down to Evansville.

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Today's Harvest

Two centuries have passed since these logs broke loose from their rafts and sank to become a marriage of water, wood and minerals. Antique River Logs® reclaims rare virgin timber with highly dense growth rings, 3-5 times more per inch than new growth. Wood products crafted from river-reclaimed logs have a unique color range and variety of characteristics. The under water environment creates a unique palate of colors and patina. The infusion of minerals from the river enhances their luster and beauty.

Antique River Logs® river-reclaimed wood is an exquisite, environmentally sustainable, and exclusive product with an extraordinary story.