Meeting William Cecil Joiner and learning about Antique River Logs was unlike any experience I have had before. Listening to William was listening to storytelling at its best, and hearing from a man who is pursuing a craft that is truly beautiful, and one of a kind. 

Mr. Joiner was kind enough to visit the WKU AIAS (The American Institute of Architecture Students) chapter, and share with us his unique story. Going into this, I had no idea of what Antique River Logs really was. I learned that Antique River Logs seeks to tell the story of our American history through reviving old growth forest logs that were once lost on the bottom of a river, and create beautiful furnishings, veneers, and novelties from them. The first thing I noticed was the extraordinary wooden creations William had brought with him to show us. Among them were beautiful lamp shades that when illuminated, displayed the beautiful wood grain of the old growth forest, and pens wrapped in dark oak that carried with it a deeper essence and meaning. A slice from a massive log he revived from the river displayed the grand beauty of Antique River Logs, but I learned that it is more than just a craft. It is a way of life. As I listened to William, I could feel his desire and passion for what he does, and for what he seeks to accomplish through Antique River Logs. He has a true appreciation for our earth, and strives to recreate that same awareness in the lives of others. 

Learning about Antique River Logs and meeting William Joiner was an inspiration to me and my peers. My ultimate goal, as an architectural science student, is to one day create and inspire others through unique design and creativity. Antique River Logs is proof that when you truly believe in your work, you can create something beautiful, and if you seek share that beauty, you’ll find fulfillment through inspiration. 

- Caleb Sloan

Western Kentucky University - Architecture Student.