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Curator - william joiner

Antique River Logs® Principal William Joiner at Western Kentucky University tells the story of our American History and loggers of a time past. Antique River Logs® revives the old growth forest logs that were once lost on the bottom of a river.

Antique River Logs® create beautiful furnishings, veneers and novelties from the river recovered logs. William Joiner lectures the American Institute of Architects Students (AIAS) about creating extraordinary wooden lampshades, when illuminated displays the beautiful wood grains of the old growth forest. Purpuseful products that is carried with a deeper essence and meaning. 

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Western kentucky university

AIAS - The American institute of architecture students

A slice from a massive log William Joiner revived from the river that displayed the grand beauty of Antique River Logs®, that is more than just a craft. It is a way of life. William Joiner talks about his passion behind the company and what he seeks to accomplish through Antique River Logs®.  William Joiner has a true appreciation for our earth and strives to recreate the same awareness in the lives of others.

William Joiner seek to inspire the Architecture and Design students, perhaps one day they will also create and inspire others through unique design and creativity, truly believing in their work, creating something beautiful that they will also seek to share and find fulfillment through.