Antique River Logs offers architectural grade veneer exclusively from virgin growth, river-reclaimed logs.  Our passion for beautiful wood reaches its pinnacle with veneer.

Veneer can be compared to a work of art.  Both art and veneer are "originals". No two paintings, sculptures, or other original artistic expressions hold identical features.  The same is true for each slice of old growth river-reclaimed veneer. Both can claim a "one of a kind" description.

Veneer from "new growth" cut logs offers many character variables.  Now add the effects of being submerged in a river for several centuries. The river's impact variables produce an amazing product of unique beauty, an eco-friendly footprint, and historical pedigree.

The extraordinary characteristics of this river-reclaimed veneer from the American Old Growth Virgin Forests generates a special warm ambiance and offers you a diverse palette for your projects. The use of quality veneer for interior paneling in homes and businesses, fine furniture, decorative accents for automobiles, aircraft, and yachts adds elegance and value.

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