About  Antique River Logs

About Antique River Logs

Gifts from the Past

Antique River Logs honors the might, the spirit and the bounty of the American rivers. We acknowledge the lumbermen and river rafters who harvested, labored and sacrificed - often with their lives - to bring these original elder trees to the water's edge to await the rains. We are mindful of the men who navigated high, dangerous waters on the journey down river to sawmills, the nights, weeks and often months away from loved ones. We appreciate the mules and oxen that hauled these mammoth logs. We understand the labor of the bucksaw, often called the misery whip, requiring synchronistic timing and work like most of us have never known.

Consider how many of today's antiques were crafted from logs that journeyed untold miles down an American river.  Antique River Logs approaches this history with admiration and reverence. 

Today's Treasures

Like the aging of fine wine, these timbers from old growth virgin forests, now emerge from the river as one of a kind treasures. Just as a great vineyard knows that the passing of time is essential to the wine's quality and value, so the river's impact on these logs over the last two centuries has preserved the wood and created a finite resource with unique color and mineralization. Our logs are truly "one of a kind".

Antique River Logs now completes the journey along side the loggers and rafters of the past to deliver heirloom quality limited old growth wood products to your home and business. 

We locate, dive, and retrieve lost but not forgotten treasure, and join with woodworkers, architects, craftsmen and artists to celebrate a finite opportunity and resurrect the magnificence of each rescued log.

Why Choose Antique River Logs?
Antique River Logs have been well-preserved by deep, cold water, and a lack of oxygen and light.  It is important to consider how wood from these logs differs from fresh cut lumber.  Time spent on the riverbank and in the river has added interesting features and characteristics.  You will find small wormholes, cracks, weather patina, and mineral deposits with unique, mineral infused color ranges and luster that enhance the natural beauty of these old growth logs.  Their features testify to their long journey and historical significance as a recycled treasure.  These are rare finds that stand apart with a "one of a kind" personality and character in the wood world.  The river's hand has created this remarkable, diverse palate and an important contribution to the green industry.

By using these river-reclaimed logs, demand for new lumber can be offset, remaining forests preserved, wood from landfills diverted, and emissions from the logging industry curtailed.  They offer valuable environmental and sustainability advantages while, at the same time, being a beautiful, exclusive product with an extraordinary story. 

Antique River Logs and the Environment

Our goal is to leave no trace and do no harm to the rivers, which offer up these valuable natural resources. We are committed to researching and protecting the natural aquatic life forms.  Our company actively participates with fish and game officials to understand and preserve the natural habitat.  Antique River Logs values relationships with other aware stewards of the forest as business associates. 

Antique River Logs does not forget that it is participating in the completion of a great harvest which began over 200 years ago.  We work with diligence to bring this extraordinary wood to you with the most eco-friendly methods, and acknowledge the long, backbreaking days of labor already spent by our ancestors.

Our business philosophy places people over things, relationship over profit, commitment over convenience, character over personal gain, and the long view over the immediate.